Why He Hasn’t Said He Loves You

When you are with someone, waiting for them to tell you that they love you can be stressful. Maybe there are some reasons in your relationship that your partner hasn’t told you those three words yet.


Being in love means that you are allowing yourself to be open and taking the chance of being hurt. Some people have a hard time being courageous and saying that they love you because they want to protect themselves from getting their heart broken.

Falling in Love

Some people experience love at first sight but there are many that take a long time to really fall for someone and to really have those feelings of love. If you want him to tell you what he is feeling, take a step back and see that you haven’t been together that long and maybe he is trying to figure out his real feelings for you.


Many people date just to have something to do. If you are with someone and you are already in love with them, maybe they aren’t feeling the same. Has he committed to you like you have committed to him? Does he make you feel important? Does he want to spend time with you? If the answer to any of those is “no,” chances are he isn’t in love with you.

Waiting for You

Not everyone is going to be as mature as you and some people play games so that they don’t have to face their emotions. There aren’t many people that are that brave and telling someone that you love them can open your heart up to heartbreak and hurt. This can be too much of a risk for some people and that might be keeping your partner from saying they love you first.

How to Say It

Even though there are only three words in “I love you,” some people do not really know how to express themselves and how to say what they are feeling. When you cannot tell someone how you really feel, it can be frustrated, and it can be hard to open up.

Open up about your own feelings so that he can learn to do the same.

Assumes You Know

People show love in many ways and some do not say it, but they show it through their actions or their expressions. If you are waiting for your partner to tell you he loves you, see how he acts towards you and see if he uses his body language to tell you how he feels. Tell him that you need to hear him say the words and give him a chance to do that.

Doesn’t Know How You Feel

If you do not show your feelings to someone then they are not going to know if you are serious about the relationship like they are. He might even think that you are just dating so that you can have something to do.

Learn to communicate with your partner and let him know how you feel. The worse thing that can happen is that he doesn’t feel the same but the sooner you know the better.

How He Feels

Going into a new relationship can be hard but when you have been dating a while, your feelings can get confusing. If you have been dating a while and he hasn’t told you that he loves you yet, he might be working through his own feelings and not be sure what he wants. Give him time to figure it out.

He’s Been Hurt

People that have been hurt in past relationships often have a hard time giving their heart to someone else. If your partner was in a bad relationship prior to being with you, he might be avoiding love and will need to have time to trust you.

He Doesn’t Love You

There is always a chance that the person that you are with just doesn’t feel the same about you. He might love to be with you and enjoy spending time with you but maybe he just doesn’t love you. Remember that there will be someone else that comes along that will love and value you, never settle. If this is the case in your relationship, move forward and find someone new.

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