Opportunities that Occur When You Take a Break from Love

Dating is a contact sport.  Sometimes the battle for love can leave you feeling battered and bruised.  If it seems like all your dates are turning out as duds, here are twelve reasons you should you should take a break from love.

  1. Thinking of a first date creeps you out: You know you need to have start somewhere on the quest of love, but does it have to be weird as a first date?  If you are sweating that meeting than you may not even think love is possible for you.  Don’t set yourself up for failure.  Use the time you would spend on dating to reconnect with yourself.
  2. You think people are gaming you: If you aren’t able to trust someone then you won’t be able to give them (or love) a fair chance.  This person could be your Mr. Right, but if your brain is suspicious of him then the date is doomed to fail.  Building trust is difficult, but preventing people from entering your life only will create of cycle of loneliness and feeling unlovable.
  3. You think the couples in your life are phoning it in: If you begin to feel like any couple is faking being happy, then you need to step back and reassess your relationship with love.  Everyone wants to be able to share their happiness and denying your couples their true experience will only rob you of making precious memories with them.
  4. You can’t remember life in a relationship: You haven’t been in a relationship in so long that you don’t even remember how to be a good partner.  You worry that you might not behave properly, so you fear even going on a date.
  5. You wonder if you have become selfish: Being single means only having to think about yourself.  You never have to worry about align your schedule or needs with anyone else’s.  Being so self-reliant makes you wonder if you are capable of being able to compromise with a potential partner.
  6. You wonder if it’s your fault: You know that other single people are struggling, but what is about you that keeps you without romance.  You might be strong independent individual, but doubts and gremlins keep popping up no matter how hard you try.
  7. You don’t heed advice: Your loved one want the best for you.  You can become frustrated when people begin to pry into your love life, but they are only doing so to help and show you that they care.  Since love has let you down, you might struggle to accept their insights.  Try to keep an open mind, because some of their advice may be helpful.
  8. You have walls: No one needs to know everything about you right away, but you have become too closed off.  Not letting people in means not allowing them to know the fullness of you.  If you aren’t willing share even small bit of information about yourself than dating becomes a waste of time, and prevents you from finding love.
  9. You constantly install/delete dating apps: One day you feel confident that you will find the love of your life on Bumble.  The next day you hate you feel for it is intense.  You are constantly agonizing which apps will give you the best dating pool possible.  The only thing constant about the experience is your sense of angst, which is unhelpful.
  10. You freak out prior to any date: Dates aren’t always like the seem in the movies.  However, this doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom.  Ask yourself why you are becoming neurotic before you even get to date if you aren’t confident this it will result in lasting love.  Having a negative attitude will only result in you starting another toxic cycle of romantic disappointment.
  11. You dismiss a date before giving them a chance:  When you don’t give people a fair shot then you will never discover if they are the love of your life.  Having a cynical outlook will only ensure you remain single longer.
  12. Something feels missing: You can convince yourself that love isn’t important to you and you don’t really need to be in a relationship.  Yet, when you give up on love you often feel like you are missing out on something bigger than yourself.  That concept is hope that you are worthy of love.  Until you can embrace that concept you will never feel a sense of peace or fulfillment.

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