When You Think It’s Your Body but It’s Your Soul

Do you feel tired and weak constantly and you feel that you cannot get anything done because you are so tired? If so, you are not alone. Being tired is something that is plaguing everyone because of work, not sleeping well and not getting enough exercise. All of these things can affect your body and your soul.

Chances are though, it might not be your body that is tired but your soul. Sometimes when you are uncomfortable and tired, it can mean that your soul is not thriving like it should.

Here are some signs that it could be your soul that is tired:

Being Tired After Sleeping Well

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed even though you got plenty of sleep? This can be a sign that your soul is tired. Your soul does not rest when you are sleeping, and it can leave you feeling overly tired all the time.


Are you someone that needs to daydream to feel like you are escaping the problems of the world around you? This can be your soul telling you that it is tired. Some people think too much about their past and their future and they need to daydream to distract themselves from these things. Escapism can hurt you though and if you find that you are depressed or unhappy with life, you might need to seek help.

No Aspirations

Maybe you feel tired, and you don’t have a desire to do things. Maybe you don’t care what is going on around you and you find that you no longer have interest in things you used to love. Your soul is part of your inspiration and if it is tired, you may have a lack of energy and inspiration.

Changes in Emotions

Being tired, unhappy, and having no aspirations can affect how you feel. Your emotions can get out of line, and it can leave you feeling sad, discouraged, angry and upset. If you are exhausted in your soul, chances are that your emotions are also out of control. You may be one that is trying to find peace but cannot seem to find it.

Pretending to Be Okay

You should never hide what you are feeling and pretend that you are okay. This will not fix what is going on in your mind, body, and soul. Even if you smile, people will know that your energy is low and that you are tired and have no joy.


If you are angry and defensive of people that are around you or you feel that your relationships are on the rocks, chances are that you feel unaccepted and unloved. No one will seem to understand this and that means you are left to handle things on your own.


You may feel that you need to hide from people around you because they don’t understand you. This is a big sign that your soul is tired. You might want to sit alone or not call people or you might stay in your house all day. You need to make sure that you aren’t isolating yourself or cutting off those that love you.


Has your thinking changed from positive to negative? Maybe things are upsetting you that normally don’t bother you. Do you remember when you felt happy? Stop concentrating on the negative things in your life because when you do, it takes away your soul energy. Feeling this way will change your mood and make you feel unhappy.

How to Fix Your Soul

Here are some ways that you can fix your soul:

  • Talk to a doctor and see if you need to see a therapist.
  • Do not be in toxic relationships.
  • Find friends that are real friends to you.
  • Talk to loved ones that can help you and tell them what is going on.
  • Go on a min vacation.
  • Concentrated on good memories and good things in your life.
  • Appreciate all the things that you have and be thankful.

If you feel that your soul is tired, figure out how to change this and how to start feeling better right away.

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