What Overthinking Dating Does to Your Life

Do you ever sit back and rewind the conversation that you had with someone that you like? Do you wonder what they said or wonder what they were thinking when they were talking about you? Do you wonder what your next interaction will be like? This is normal.

When you overthink things, chances are this has to do with dating. You will think on every conversation that you had with that guy and you will try to figure out exactly what they meant. You will think about how you went on a date or how you went out with him and a group of friends or what happened the last time you saw him. You will do your best to figure out what he is thinking and prepare for what the future holds.

Overthinking is an emotional thing, and it means you need to be in control. It is okay for you to think about someone that you are interested in, but you should not spend all of your time thinking about him. You should allow yourself to be at peace and let the future be what it is. Overthinking things can cause you to have a hard dating life.

Different Person

When you overthink things, you become different. You have to look at things from every angle and you act weird when you do later see that person. Sometimes you work yourself into a panic and you forget to be who you really are.

You don’t want to start dating someone when you aren’t friends with them or when you are not sure who you even are. Learn to control your thoughts and let the future be.


Overthinking can take away the joy of meeting someone. When you allow stress and anxiety to come into play, you take away the joy.

Learn to let your days be exciting and when you meet this person or see them, let God be in control of the situation and you can have joy.

Joy and trust go together. The more you have trust in God, the more joy you will have. God is in control of your relationship and your future.


Overthinking things can make you want to be in control. You have to learn that God is in control and learn to trust His plans in your life.

When you overthink things, you are not allowing God to lead you and you are obsessing in things in your life.

If you have a hard time not overthinking, here are some things you can do:

  • Use your thoughts to pray instead of worry. Let your overthinking become a time of prayer and allow God to fill your heart.
  • If you are not joyful, ask God to bring you joy. Trust Him with your future.
  • Be faithful to God and commit yourself to Him. Read the Bible and pray and stop overthinking everything. Allow God to be in control.

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