Why Do Empaths Attract Toxic People?

Empaths are very important people on this earth. These are people that feel the emotions of others and want to help everyone. They have a good heart and they are often seen as healers.

Even though empaths never want to hurt anyone, when it does happen, they are the first ones to normally say sorry for their mistakes and they are the first one to admit they are wrong.

Some of the biggest mistakes that an empath can make is believing that everyone is nice, good, decent, and kind. There are many people that refuse to take responsibility for the things that they do wrong and they walk around not caring if they hurt others.

People have different goals and behavior patterns, but many people are selfish in what they look for in life. They want power or they want money or other selfish things. An empath has a hard time understanding these things.


Some people only care about what they need, and they never consider other people. They do not apologize for taking advantage of others or trying to push them out of the way so they can be successful. In their eyes, they can do no wrong.

Not everyone is narcissists, psychopaths, or sociopaths, but some people can be toxic. Anyone that is toxic to an empath can cause them harm. When an empath gets involved with a toxic person, it can turn into abuse and pain quickly.

The relationship that an empath forms can be a lover, co-worker, friend or even just a stranger. The problem is that empaths attract people that are toxic because they are always making excuses for them and they always feel that everything is their fault, even if it has nothing to do with them.

When an empath sees someone that is upset or hurting, they will want to take the pain and fix the problem, even if the person is abusive.

Empaths want to take on the emotional responsibilities of everyone’s problems and they will always lay themselves out there, even if the other person takes advantage.


There are many people that will take advantage of an empath and will manipulate them to get their way. Even when their behavior is poor, the empath will never see past their soul and see their bad behavior. The situation can become bad fast and the empath will feel like it is their fault.


Empaths need to make sure that they are able to take control of their own feelings and emotions and to let the emotions of abusive people go. They have to learn to let other people be responsible for their own behaviors and feelings.

Even though the universe gave the empath a gift to be loving and kind, the universe never intended for an empath to be mistreated or abused.

If you feel that you are dealing with someone that is mistreating you or manipulating you, know that you are not the one that should always have to fix the problem. If someone is treating you badly, you need to walk away and have peace in your life.

Understanding that being empathetic and sensitive is good but being mistreated is not is an important learning lesson for most empaths.

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