When You Have Signs that He is Not the One for You

Do you remember the first time that your heart was broken by someone you were dating? Do you remember how the pain felt like it would stay for days and that your heart was really broken?

Some people think that breaking up with someone feels like death and they often wonder if there were signs that they should have listened to before they decided to date that person.

Breakups are something that are not always a bad thing because sometimes you break up with someone because they are not helping to make your life better or because you aren’t ready to be in a real relationship right now.

Pay attention to the signs around you and you will find if you are meant to be with that person or if you should keep things low key.

No one wants to date someone and get married and end up divorced. Also, you have to think about having children with the person you are meant to be, and you do not want to drag your children in the middle of a bad divorce.

What if there are signs that you aren’t meant to be with someone? Maybe God is protecting you from being in a bad relationship.

Signs to Stay OUT of the Relationship

Remember, God is there to keep you safe and to protect you in your life. This means He cares about everything about you, including your relationship.

When you are too worried about what you want and you are refusing to hear from God, you might allow your own fears and your own self-image to block the signs God is trying to give you.

You can learn to have a good relationship and go into relationships rather God gives you a sign or not but if you learn to listen to Him and pay attention to His desires for you then you will see that your relationships can be better.

God will talk to you in many different ways from talking to you in your spirit or through the Bible or other believers.

Once you learn to listen to your voice, you will know if you are meant to be with certain people or not.

Signs About Your Relationships

If you have been with someone for a while and you know that God is telling you that he is not the one for you, learn to move on.

Actions and Words

When you date someone and he keeps telling you good things, but he is not doing actions to make it happen, move on. If he is showing interest in other girls but telling you that you are the one for him, it is time to move away from this relationship.

Women have the abilities to know when someone likes them and cares for them and if God gives you a sign, listen so that you aren’t lead in the wrong direction.

You will know if a mans actions align with his words and if they don’t, say goodbye to the relationship.

What He Wants

Any woman in a relationship should know that they are in a relationship. If you are waiting around for him to put a label on your relationship, it might be time to move on.

Maybe he wants to take it slow, and this is okay but if you find that he is not moving towards being serious with you then you might not be the one for him.

A woman will tell a man what she wants right away and if he is stringing you along, you will see that this will just end up in a bad situation in the end. Do not wait around for him to change his mind.

If your guy wants to be single so he can date whoever he wants, let him go and let the relationship die down. Get whatever you desire in your heart and let God led you to someone that is meant for you.

If he doesn’t have a plan to be with you, let him go.


Maybe at first, he is showing you all kinds of attention and giving you things, you love, taking you to your favorite places and calling you just to hear your voice.

Then, all of a sudden, it is like he disappears, or he only calls you when he needs something. You will know in your heart that something is wrong.

This kind of relationship will not work for you. You are past the honeymoon stages and now you know if you are in a healthy or a toxic relationship.

God will show you who this person is and if you listen, you will know he isn’t the one for you.

Just because you have known this person for a long time and you care about them, it doesn’t mean you are meant to be with them. If they lose interest for you, let them go and let God led you to the perfect person for you.

Compromise Who You Are

You should never compromise who you are or your goals or values. Once you are with someone, you should know what they want and what you want. If you are not with someone that cares about your goals and your values, let them go.

You are not being selfish because you have values and beliefs. This will be better for you now than in the long run because things get harder as relationships get older.

There should be dealbreakers in your life and there should be things that you refuse to change for anyone. If they do not feel the same as you, let them go.

Prayed for the One

If you have been asking God to show you the right person in your life but the relationship is not good, then this is a sign he is not the one.

It hurts to have someone reject you, but God is there to guide you and to protect you. This means that if things end, he wasn’t meant for you and you should not have to try to convince him to change for you.

Find someone that believes the same way that you do and let God lead you so that you can have good things happen for you.

Signs He Isn’t for You

There are many signs that a person may not be meant for you. Listen to your gut and listen to what God tells you. He knows what is best for your life.

Ask God to lead you to the right relationship and He will when the time is right. Until then, keep finding your happiness and seeking God in all things.

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