Preferred Traits People Look for in Relationships

What makes a partner desirable?  Recently, Harris Interactive and eHarmony surveys over 1,000 singles to provide some key insights.  The biggest finding was 70% of men and women are looking for a committed relationship.  The top five traits both men and women were looking are the following:  Honesty (54%), Kindness (44%), Humor (34%), Good-looking (34%), and Intelligence (29%).

It’s not surprising to see that looks are a desirable quality, but it is interesting that it wasn’t in the top three.  To see that honesty and kindness are the two most important traits is promising for singles of all backgrounds, since it shows that people crave substance over style.  It reflects that appearance can change over time, but personality is the lasting glue that yoke partners together for the long haul.

Jobs are important

You may think the more lucrative the career the better.  Yet, the study showed people value service-focused careers like medicine, education and first-line responders.  Therefore, if you work in any of these areas, make sure to include it on your dating profile.

Food for the soul

Food brings people together.  34% of responders considered themselves foodies and found going out to eat to be both relaxing and nourishing for the soul.  An additional 29% were looking for a partner that enjoys cooking and baking.  If you know your way around a kitchen, it should go immediately on your profile, regardless if you are a man or woman.  If you feel your skills are rusty consider using cooking classes as a great date idea.  By honing your foodie skills, you can help nurture each other over a good meal and potentially be seen as a caretaker.

Make beautiful music together

Roughly 25% of singles place a high value on music.  If this is your passion, highlight some of your favorite artists on your profile.  Think about some of your favorite live music venues as places to take a date.

Must love pets

When it comes to love, animals are very important in people’s lives.  35% of singles are looking for a dog owner, while 16% prefer cat owners.  Living with a pet tells a lot about a person’s mindset.  It shows they are responsible, and comfortable with caring for another living thing.  They are nurtures and place a high value on affection.  Considering including your pet in your updated profile picture.

Wrap up

The results of this study should be encouraging for singles.  People are searching for long-term love rather than a fling.  Having pets and hobbies are valuable for relationship seekers.  When you are dating consider people with compatible lifestyles and interests to yours.  Treat you common interests as a glue that can strengthen your bond for decades to come.

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