When You Find the Right One

Dating is something that can be both hard and confusing and people are often not sure if they have met the right person for them or not. What if you meet someone and you feel instantly connected and you have conversations that you feel will never end? What about kissing? What if the romance is there and you feel like you have met the right one, finally?

Then, all of a sudden, it seems like he disappeared with the wind and then you go back to questioning your abilities of finding the right person for you.

Here are some things that you can see happen hen you find the right person. Of course, life is differently for everyone but if these things happen, that person could be the right one for you.

Great Friend

One thing about dating is that you want to be with someone that has the same thoughts and values that you have. You want to share the same interests and have life goals that match. You want to have no stress and to be able to be happy when you are together.

You need to find someone that you can be yourself with and you can have fun and laughter.

Crazy About You

A guy that likes you will love all things about you, even your flaws. He will want to see you and not want you to leave. He will be ready to contact you through phone calls, texts or even just showing up to see you. He will show his love and he will want to be close to you.

When you find the perfect guy, he will come to you and show you love and connect with you.


Meeting someone that you like means that you will have chemistry with them. Maybe you do not feel as much chemistry as you think but there should be a sparkle or a tingle when you see them.

When you kiss this person, there should be more chemistry, and this can build up over time and show you that they really care about you.


When things start to become stronger and positive, you will feel happier and feel like the world is a great place. You will have joy and happiness like never before. You will see the future as bright and you will have hope that this guy that you have met is the right one for you.

When these things happen, they might not happen immediately, and you have to give things time. Maybe you keep telling your friend how much you like them, and you can see things getting more serious.

Little Chemistry

Going on dates is fun and exciting and it makes you have more chemistry for love. These feelings can surface anytime you are with someone you are interested in. Studies have shown that people that have joy and worry about falling in love have an easier time loving their partner. When you have adrenaline, it makes the love stronger.

When you see this person, you like in their own world, it can make them more exciting to be with and make them come across as honest. Having personal power and charm will help open up your feelings and your chemistry for this person.

When you want to have more chemistry, go on a date and be sexy. Touch him and hold his hand, whisper in his ear, and kiss him. When you feel sensual, you will have more chemistry.


Finding the right one will increase the chemistry that you have with someone. You will find love and passion and you will know that this relationship could go further than you ever imagined.

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