Signs He Doesn’t Like You

Does he like you or does he not? You might be thinking inside about how much you like him, but you are afraid to tell him because you aren’t sure if he feels the same or not.

Nothing can feel worse than thinking of a guy but not knowing if he likes you or not. Women are not the only ones that feel this way but often times, guys feel like this when they want to talk to a woman.

If you are still into your ex and you wonder if they like you back, it can be even harder. One of the hardest kinds of relationships are the ones where you hit on someone that does not like you back or have someone that no longer likes you.

Both men and women wonder if the person they are after likes them back or not but there are some signs that you can tell if someone is into you or not.

Sometimes though, people are paranoid because they think of all of the reasons that someone would not like them, or they feel that they are not worthy and so they never get the courage to ask them out.

It would be much easier if you could tell if someone likes you or not without you having to spend time worrying about rather, they do or not.

Signs He Doesn’t Like You

Here are some signs that the guy you are interested might not be into you:


One of the biggest signs that a guy does not like you is if he puts everything else above you. If he does not want to take time to be around, you then he doesn’t like you.

Avoiding You

Another way to tell if someone likes you or not is if they are avoiding you. When a guy likes you, he will want to be close to you and will figure out how to spend time with you.

If he is not trying to hang out with you or is not showing up to see you then he doesn’t like you.


A guy that is into you will pay attention to you and he will remember things about you such as your birthday or your first date.

When someone isn’t interested, they will forget you and this probably means they are not that into you. A guy that is interested deep down will do things to make you feel good about yourself and to bring you happiness.

He will show you that he likes you and he will do this by listening to you and by showing you that you are important.


A guy that is always busy will still find a way to give you attention, if he is into you. When you like someone, you are drawn to them and you are interested in what they are interested in.


If the guy you like does not care if you are talking to other guys, chances are he does not care about you. Jealousy happens when someone is interested in you and if you are hanging out with other guys and he is not saying anything to you, he probably doesn’t like you.

If he likes you, he will care if you are hanging out with other guys and he will want you to hang out with him instead. He will always be in competition with the other guys you are talking to and he will try to figure out how to get your attention.

Treating You

A guy that is into you will treat you differently than his friends and his family. He feels differently and so he will act differently.

If he doesn’t think about you differently than chances are, he only sees you as a friend and nothing more.

If the guy likes you, he will want you to be close to him and he will take care of all of your needs. He will want to spoil you and will act different towards you than he does other people.


When someone is interested in you, they want to know as much about you as they can. They want to know everything that you like, what your goals are and what makes you happy.

He will want to have clues about what you like to do so that he can take you out and give you the time of your life.

A guy that is interested in you will show that he is interested in you and he will always be curious about your life and what you tell him.

When a guy is paying attention to you, he is interested in you. He will do this subconsciously at first and then he will keep asking questions and figuring out what makes you tick.

When a guy likes you, he might even copy your body language and begin talking like you. This is called mirroring, and this is a sign that he likes you. If he is not curious about you then he probably does not care much about you.


A guy that tells you about women that he likes is not into you. He is not serious about you and he will probably not be interested in you.

When a guy is talking about another girl, he likes then he is probably never going to like you. This is a big sign that he is not interested in you.

Even though guys and girls can be interested in more than one person at a time, most people that like you will not talk about other people that they are interested in.

Contacting You

If a guy likes you, he will want to spend time with you. He will want to always be around you and he will want to talk to you.

A guy that is interested in you will call, text, and do whatever he can to speak to you. If he is not texting you or if you are always having to do it first, this is a big sign he does not like you.


Guys that are flirty with you might like you, unless of course he is flirty with everyone. If you find that he is treating you differently than he does other girls and being super friendly, he might like you.

If a guy is always flirting with other girls, do not take this as a sign he doesn’t like you, just take it as a sign that he might be a player.


You should be the priority to someone that likes you. All good relationships that happen will work if the person shows you that they care.

When someone makes you a priority, it shows that they care about you but if you are not then this can mean that he is too busy with his life or with other people to be interested in you.

If a guy puts his job or other people above, you then chances are he does not want to spend time with you, and you need to move on.


The truth is someone that likes you will be obvious. They will show you that they care about you and you will not even have to ask them.

Maybe you get butterflies when you see them, and this could be intuition that they care about you. If he acts like any of the things above, this probably means he does not care much about you and you need to move on with someone else.

Never let someone make you feel that you are not good enough. Pay attention to signs that guys show you and listen to your gut.

Other Signs

Here are some other signs that someone doesn’t like you:

Being Serious

He never talks about serious things.


A guy that likes you will make a sacrifice for you and will always put you first.


He will always choose to be with you because he wants to.


When he doesn’t like you, he will not think it is important to attend events that you have to go to.

Buying Things

He does not buy things for you or offer to help you.

Friends and Family

He doesn’t want to meet your friends or hang out with your family.

Body Language

He will show how he feels and will not act guarded or standoffish.


He doesn’t care if you are gone or not.


A guy that likes you will care if you are safe and will always check on you.


He will dress nice when he is around you and not look like a slob.

Social Functions

If he avoids going to social functions with you, he probably doesn’t like you.

Lends You Things

If he lends you things, he will ask for it back right away.


When you are always the one starting the conversation.

Eye Contact

He hardly ever makes eye contact or looks away when you do.


He does not smile or laugh around you.


He does not try to have physical contact with you.

Notice You

When you change your hair or style, he does not notice you.


If he spends more time with other girls than with you. Or if he is always asking you about other girls that you know.

Calls or Texts

If he never calls or texts.


One of the hardest things to accept is when he stops talking to you or ghosts you. This can be a big sign he does not like you.

Getting Over Him

The best way to get over someone that doesn’t like you is to focus on yourself and do things that make you happy. Only date someone that makes you feel good.

What to Do

If your crush does not like you, do not be upset. Just move on and find someone else.


The best way to know if a guy likes you is to see if he calls and shows interest in you. These are big signs he is into you.


Sometimes guys are too afraid to ask you out. Give him a chance and see if he is just nervous or if he does not really care about you.

If he avoids you and acts uninterested then chances are, he does not like you and he is not going to be interested in you.


If a guy likes you or not, know that relationships are hard and if you find that you get in a relationship with someone and they start to pull away, this could mean they were not meant to be.

Make sure that you are dating someone that gives you time and shows that you have worth. If he sees you as a fling or is using you, move on with someone else. Figure out if he is the right person for you before you show a real commitment.

Top Signs He Doesn’t Like You

  • Makes no effort.
  • Does not listen to you.
  • Does not care if you like other men.
  • Treats you like other people.
  • Is not interested in your life.
  • Mentions women he wants to date.
  • Is very flirty with everyone.
  • Stays busy.
  • Does not put effort into your relationship.
  • Never talks about serious things.
  • Isn’t romantic.
  • Does not sacrifice for you.
  • Helps you only when he has to.
  • Does not go to events you want to go to.
  • Never buys you things.
  • Closed body language.
  • Dresses sloppy.
  • Avoids social functions you attend.
  • When he lends you something, he takes it back?
  • Does not do physical contact or eye contact.
  • Distances from you.
  • Never tells you congrats when you are successful.
  • Doesn’t notice when you change or get a haircut.
  • Does the opposite of you?
  • Asks about girls you know.
  • Never calls or texts.
  • Is obvious that he does not like you.

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