Letting Go and Falling Out of Love

Being in love and being giving in love is something many are taught. People are taught to share and give and to be brave and to take chances in life. During this time, there will be regrets and some are sad about not expressing how they really feel for someone they care deeply for.

People want to love but each and everyday it seems like people are told how they should love and how love looks like. There are also people that are learning how to stop loving others and we need to learn to let things go and not fight every battle that we come to.

Sometimes people forget that our minds and are hearts are often taken over by emotions and it makes it hard to make good decisions.

Loving Someone that is Hard to Love

There are many people that breakup from relationships because they feel like the person, they are with is hard to love. They have never really figured out how to love that person and so they choose to step away.

Unloving Someone

When you want to stop loving someone, it can be hard because that is not a natural emotion. Our heart wants to love and when you need to stop loving someone, it can be confusing.

Depriving Yourself

When you stop loving someone, you take away the opportunity of having happy feelings and being full of joy.

Pushing Away

When you want to unlove someone, you will not hold them or kiss them even when your body wants you to.

Something Better

Why would you step away from a love that is happy and good?  When you decide that you want to stop loving someone, it can be because you love who you are. When you keep putting others first, you risk the chance of being last. You cannot love someone more than you love you because if you do not love yourself first, no one can truly love you.

If this happens to you it will be painful but sometimes you will be forced to stop loving someone. When this happens, you need to take time to take a break and find out what you can do to love who you are and to be the best person that you can be.


Being in love is one of the best things in the whole world but you need to make sure that you are falling in love with someone that wants to be with you and someone that is willing to give their life for you, just like you want to do for them.

Find someone to love that will show you the love that you deserve and will respect you and treat you the way that you should be treated.

Sometimes falling out of love is a hard thing but you should always do what is best for you before you try to be the best for someone else.

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