Being with Emotionally Unavailable Men

People say that you cannot chose who you love but you have to choose if you should love someone or stay with them. If you are dating someone that is emotionally unavailable to you then you need to look at your relationship and see how to deal with it.

People are often seen romancing men that are emotionally unavailable, and we have seen many shows about these kinds of guys, but if you are thinking of dating someone like this, chances are that you will not have your happily ever after.

It is not fair for women to blame the men for all of this because just like there are men that are not available in their emotions, some women want to focus more on things such as a job or their own needs rather than focusing on their relationship.

How can you find out if someone is emotionally unavailable to you? Here are some ways that you can find out:

  • They do not want to open up about their feelings.
  • They seem to hide their past.
  • They do not show their emotions or want to talk about them.
  • They will change the subject when you want to talk about emotional things.
  • They will sometimes try to replace the conversation with sex.
  • They will tell you they don’t want to talk about it or shut you out.

There are many different things that emotionally unavailable men will do in order to not have to share their feelings and these things can be frustrating. If you are with a man that is emotionally unavailable to you, it can make you feel that they are not close to you or that they are always pushing you away.

A guy that does not want to talk about his feelings or talk about his past might be emotionally unavailable to you. Chances are that he has went through something traumatic in his past or he has had a hard time with relationships that he has been in.

Men that have had traumatic pasts or have had horrible breakups or divorces are often known to not want to open up to someone.

If you are with someone that does not want to open up, it can take a lot of time and a lot of a trust before they will open up to you.

Being Patient

If you want to have an emotional unavailable man to open up to you, you are going to have to learn to be patient and to work with him through these things. If you choose not to do that, you might need to consider moving on and finding a different relationship.

By building trust and taking time, chances are that your guy will come to you more and will be more willing to open up about his feelings or about what he has went through in his past. This is one way to deal with these situations and if you feel that it is not working out, ask him if he will go to therapy or couple counseling and see if you can find the underline reasons that he is not opening up to you.


Being with someone that is emotionally unavailable to you can be hard and can cause the relationship that you are in to be trying and to be frustrating. There are ways that you can work through these situations, but it is important that both you and your partner work together to make it through.

If you find that you cannot work out your differences, sometimes breaking up can be the answer.

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