What Love Should Really Feel Like

Some people will be with a partner for a while and then they will realize that they are frustrated with the choices that they made. They realize that they are disappointed with this person and they have a hard time really coming up with reasons why.

Here are some of the reasons people get frustrated with their partner:

  • Their family is irritated by them.
  • They don’t have the same views as you do.
  • They don’t want to camp.
  • They play tennis even though you don’t like it.
  • They don’t like to eat at the Mexican restaurant.
  • They don’t get excited about the same things you do.
  • They have weird friends.
  • They like doing puzzles.
  • They drink coffee from dumb cups.
  • They add the word “actually” to everything they say.

The list can go on and on and even though these are minute things, they have a hard time being happy with their partner. They have a hard time working through the relationship.

What can be even more frustrating is that they feel that their partner is dumb and that they have a messed-up idea on what a relationship is supposed to be.

Love is supposed to be two people that come together to live together, share the same things, go to bed together, have sex here and there and see each other’s family members. They think that love is always the same thing.

Love can be a beautiful thing, but it can also place a burden on people. Some feel that the partner has to be perfect in all the things that they do and if they aren’t, they have to be pushed to change.

They search for the idea of being with someone that likes everything that they like, right down to the food and the television shows and they think that this is the purpose of love.

There is another idea, relationships do not have to be as complicated as you are making it. If you learn to look and see if the person is fulfilling your life, that is what really matters.

There are some things we need from a person in our lives and what we want more than anything.


Kindness is something we need from a partner. We need someone that will be there for us and love us even when we aren’t perfect.


We want someone that can be vulnerable with us and us with them. We want to be able to be who we are and to be honest and trust each other.


We need a partner that can understand our likes and dislikes, how we think and how we act. We want them to understand when we are obsessed with things and to understand us overall.

If we have these things in our lives, we can be satisfied with our partner. We can have a partner that will be happy when we are together, they will share their emotions with us and not have to agree with us on everything we like.

When we limit our expectations, we can overcome the idea that the relationship is loving and good but not perfect. We can learn to communicate with each other and to see each other and each other’s families and be happy.

We can live in different places and still meet up and talk to each other and we can be together and be happy. When we have someone that is kind, vulnerable and understanding, we can form a bond that cannot be broken.

The bond between two people can be so deep that it can cause us to feel like we exist because of that person. We can clarify what we want in the relationship and stop being in conflict over silly things such as routines and holidays. We can focus on what we need and learn to be understood and understanding.

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