The Email that Scorched My Inbox

Like most of us, I’ve received my share of hate mail.

But I don’t share it here on my blog, because it’s usually directed against single mothers in general. I know that I can deal with it, but my readers don’t deserve to have their feelings hurt, so the flamers usually go right into the trash.

But today’s hate missive was directed to me and me alone, so without further ado, here it is, copied in all its glory!

Subject line:

Here is what I think of your blog as a woman

Body of email:

you’re an utter disgrace to all of the women in this whole country. This is the top 10 things you are.

  1. not a strong woman
  2. a mom whose son will be embarrased someday by by what you write about him on the internet for money. He is young now but he will grow to hate that you put his life out there over the internet for anyone to read about him. And thanks to you he probably won’t ever try and have a relationship with his dad
  3. vindictive
  4. not a strong woman
  5. not a strong mother
  6. someone who sounds like an idiot on every video you post…they are amacher and you sound lost, illiterate, and stupid. Your son who thinks he’s funny pickig his nose but it’s actually disgusting. You obviously have failed in teaching him his manners which contributes to his rebellion against you. He is rebellious. So are you.
  7. a prideful woman who perpeutates only hardships and disgrace towards women. I am a feminist, and all I see you doing is contributing towards the factors that make women weak.
  8. selfish. You have earnings from this blog, but you only shair stories of loss, pain and hardship for the readers of the gender of a woman.
  9. egotistical. (not sure why?)
  10. stupid. And a disgrace to women everywhere. Of this country.

I’ll add a bonus one,


Oh, I’m so happy that I get to share my response with you all!

  1. Okay.
  2. If Liam ever asks me not to write about him anymore, I’ll stop. Immediately. But it won’t even matter by then, because by then this blog will look like it belongs in a museum.

Also, I make about $25 a week on this blog (if it’s a good week). If I was doing this for the money, I would have given up after the first year, when I didn’t earn even a dime. I share my thoughts and write my story here because if I can help even one person  – just one – avoid the mistakes I made in my past, it’s worth it. If I’m able to inspire even one person to enjoy every moment, then I’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

  1. Wait. To you?
  2. Um, oka-a-ay… Should we settle this out back?
  3. See #4.
  4. I find it funny that you think a 3-year-old kid picking his nose is disgusting. Your children must be great fun. And we’re rebels? Yeah, I’ve been thinking about talking to Liam about all that. He’s been so rebellious with the nose-picking lately. Maybe that’s because I let him drive us home that day last week while I watched Robin Hood on my iPad. Ugh, such rebels. Now that you mention it, he and I are making plans to start a revolution. About public nose-picking. There, shot fired. I just started it.
  5. You need to look up what “perpetuate” means (and how to spell it), because that one doesn’t make any sense at all.
  6. See #2.
  7. That hurt. (not sure why?)
  8. Seriously, that one did hurt. Now you’re just trying to make me angry.

Added bonus.

  1. I don’t recall that I ever called myself a victim. If I did, please show me when. The only way I can think of that I’m victim it’s due to my poor choices in men. I blame only myself for the decision I made to choose my ex-husband. But if I had to do it again to land where I am, with my son, I would.

My bonus:

  1. You need to find a more constructive way to spend your time… You should start blogging.

No, learn how to spell first.

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