Single Mothers Can Find Love Again!

Our culture likes to criticize mothers who are divorced. And our culture likes to make negative comments about mothers—or more specifically, the state mothers are left in—after fathers abandon or drop out of their children’s lives.

There are many general myths about single parenting. And sometimes, when you’re tired of doing things by yourself, it’s easy to feel down and wonder if you’ll I find love again.

Dating can be difficult if you’re a single mother. You don’t want your kids getting caught up with men who may not become a permanent fixture in your lives. And some men simply don’t want to date women with kids, even though most women are willing to date men who have children. It sucks, but it’s the truth.

But take heart. None of this means that you won’t ever find true love if you’re a single mother. It just means that the journey may be more difficult. But you don’t want to settle with just anyone. You and your kids all deserve somebody wonderful in your lives.

And, as a single mother, you are wonderful.

The issue is that you probably don’t realize this. Or if you do, you’ve become so independent that you may believe that you won’t find love again.

Here are six reasons why you deserve to:

  1. You’re put together.

Single mothers aren’t looking for some knight in shining armor to come and rescue us, because we don’t need rescuing. We’re already put together. We manage our household, pay our bills, care for our kids, and so much more, all on our own.

Single mothers are strong and powerful. Damsels in distress may look cute, but they aren’t so cute when they need to be taken care of and get their literal and figurative messes cleaned up again and again. Single moms are women through and through, and they’ll definitely hold their own!

  1. You know your value.

You’ve experienced the dark side of heartache. You know all the mistakes you won’t ever make again in love. And when it comes to love, knowing this is half the battle.

Knowing that you’re worth more than you were before means that you’re ready for real love. That’s one of life’s biggest problems. So many people believe we don’t deserve love. But you, single mother, better believe you do, because you are ready for the real thing.

  1. You’re durable.

You’re a single mother, so you’ve been through a lot. Despite the lickings, you’ve kept on ticking. That’s amazing! While others hem and haw and forget to be grateful, you’ve learned how to let the little things slide. You’re thankful for the children at your side and roof over your heads.

  1. You’re practical, but you’re still passionate.

You know what genuine relationships look like, and you don’t expect every day to play out like a fairy tale. You’re sensible about love. You know it takes commitment, effort, and work to be in a relationship. It’s not all talk; it takes daily action. Despite this practicality, you’ve still got a passionate and romantic side, and you love to get swept off your feet sometimes. This makes you exciting and attractive. And…

  1. You’re ready for adventure.

Single mothers are responsible for a lot. But all work and no play will make Mother a gloomy girl, and you know it! As a single mother, you’re ready and willing to go out and have some fun.

  1. You’re content.

Single mothers know how to be content with their lives just as they are. They’ve made their lives without somebody else there. A happy woman is an extraordinary thing. Nobody wants to be with a sourpuss!

Whether you’re certain or doubtful, I guarantee that you, Single Mother, deserve love just as much as anybody and everybody else does. The journey may be difficult at times, but your time will come. So, don’t give up!

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