Are you falling out of love or in a slump? Experts tell us how to know

Below are ways you can tell if you are falling out of love or it’s just a slump:

  1. They usually get on your nerves

This is normal, especially after being with someone for a while. The question, therefore, is, how patient are you with your partner? And how long do you take to be okay after getting annoyed? In any case, it’s a slump then you have patience and that irritation fades away very fast. This is because when you are in love with someone, you just want to move on and not focus much on the negativity. However, if you find yourself getting irritated by everything they do, that’s an indication you are falling out of love for them. That’s because your patience fades immediately love starts to fade.  You become quick at criticizing your partner and slow at forgiving, even those petty things.

  1. The excitement is no longer there

We are habitual creatures. Our everyday schedule makes us feel safe and secure but they also kill the excitement and passion.

It’s now time to do away with the schedule and see if there will be a change in your relationship.

  1. You don’t miss them much when they are not around

When you are in a relationship with someone new, time spends apart feels bittersweet. You just want to be together all the time. But as time progresses and you get used to them, it becomes normal to spend time apart and still communicate. If you are in a relationship slump, the communication might become less personal. This is not bad, it’s quite normal to miss what existed before.

  1. You don’t get attracted to them anymore

We all want the honeymoon face in a relationship to last forever, but it usually fades. It comes, goes and comes again. This is the normal flow of the relationship. However, when you’ll have passed out of a slump territory and into something more serious if the dry spells turn into something more like being creeped out by the touch of your partner.

  1. You are not sure of what the future holds for both of you

The well-known way of distinguishing between being in a slump and falling out of love is how you feel about your future with them. If you have ever imagined your future without them, it means you’ve lost your loving feelings.

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