Relationship Compatibility Must Haves

Romance can be fun, especially at the beginning of the relationship when you are exploring one another’s dreams, hopes, and even bodies. If you want to turn those short term feelings into something longer lasting, you may be concerned that things will not last. To move a relationship last long term you do not necessarily have to be 100% compatible, but there are a few areas that need to match up.

Though you can have a successful relationship without meeting all the areas, the more you are compatible in, the smoother sailing. Basically, the less stress that a relationship has in the natural state the more harmony that will exist long term. This is important during the normal, stressful parts of life. Below are six areas that create greater compatibility with your partner for a less stressful, long term relationship.


Though it seems funny this is listed first, have you ever been with someone who is constantly late when you are always early or on time? This can get annoying quickly and is the basis for numerous arguments. To be compatible and limit fighting, be with someone who is either habitually late, just as you are, or who knows how to keep a schedule.


People who pride themselves on being neat and tidy can struggle with those who are not. Those who are not overly concerned with orderliness also do not often appreciate those who do care. This can lead to fighting over time, even if a messy apartment was cute at first. It is best if you both live comparably as far as being neat and tidy.


Money and finances are the source of many fights with couples. Though few consider this area when a relationship first begins, it can become a large issue. Unfortunately, for most, it is also an awkward topic of discussion. Most couples put off any discussion until things start going very wrong. This can affect larger purchases further down the road, such as a home, car, or a child’s education. When couples are on the same page with finances, the relationship will be easier going overall.


It can be tough to gauge sexual compatibility early on in a relationship, but over time it is important to make sure sexual desires and needs are similar. Just having this discussion is a challenge, but the sooner the better if the relationship is to last long term. Incompatibility in the bedroom is one of the top reasons for discord in relationships.


People work and live at different life tempos. Acknowledging, or even discovering, your own is important so you can find someone compatible. Some people are super laid back with little that bothers them in life, while others enjoy 12 hour work days. You must determine what your tempo is, no matter what you chose as priority. When you and your partner are on the same page, there will be fewer arguments and sharing life will be much easier.


Those from different religious backgrounds can definitely make a relationship work, but most will also agree that it is challenging. This becomes more so when children come into the picture. If one person is not willing to convert, then trouble will eventually surface.

The more of these characteristics you and your partner share, the smoother the relationship will be over time. Though compatibility in every area is not necessary, the more the better. No relationship will ever be perfect, but the more alike you are the more resilient you will likely be overall.

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