Finding Your True Love

There are said to be three types of love, the first love also called puppy love, a great love that sweeps you off your feet unexpectedly, and finally, true love that makes itself at home in your heart. Everyone needs a true love because it is unconditional, secure, and reassuring when needed. It completes a person, even when it is not perfect.

Next time you are considering a relationship, save yourself some heartache and make sure it is with a true love.

Below are several ways to draw you closer to that special someone:


If you believe in God, you know He writes wonderful love stories. Allow your higher power to guide you to the right person and avoid the wrong ones. You can even pray for wisdom to discern which people should be considered.

Reach for Your Potential

Since everyone wants to meet the best person, but best is defined differently for each of us, we must explore what is best for us as individuals. However, it would be unfair to expect a true love to be the best when we are not our best selves. So we need to strive to be the best version of ourselves we can be by reaching for what we want and improving any areas of weakness.

Be Attractive

Whether we want to admit it or not, physical attraction often come before romantic love. Work on making yourself as attractive as possible by accentuating your assets and improving or accepting your flaws.

Know What You Want

Take the time to really search yourself and list the traits you desire in a true love. This will help in the assessment of potential partners. Keep in mind it is unlikely you will find a single person with all the traits, but several should be checked off. As you set standards you learn what is and is not acceptable for your true love.

Grow Your Circle

When you are meeting new people often, you are more likely to find your true love. Be as sociable as possible by attending parties, joining clubs, and being part of organizations.

Keep Good Company

As you become more social, make sure it is with the right kind of company. If you are hoping to meet someone with similar beliefs but everywhere you go people believe the opposite, you are unlikely to meet them. Choose your circle wisely as you search for a true love.

Be Realistic

If your standards are based on novels or movies then you will never find true love. Real life is a far cry from what we watch or read. Set realistic standards that have a chance of being met.

Physical Appearance is Not Everything

We must remember that true love in unconditional. Physical appearance should not be the only draw to a person. While this may be what initially attracts someone, dive deeper before making a commitment. Personality, values, and character are what matter in the long run.

Complementary Personalities

Partners who are total opposites may not last long term. Instead look for someone who complements you so that you balance one another.

Similar Priorities

Personalities and priorities are highly important in a relationship. Find someone with priorities similar to your own so you have greater understanding and can work toward similar goals together.


A true love should make you laugh and smile, but they also need to respect you as an individual. This leads to selflessness on your part and theirs to create a secure relationship.

Consider Others

Before truly committing to a relationship, allow the other person to meet your family and friends. When we are in love, we tend to be blind to some things, but family and friends will hopefully see any red flags we miss. If friends do not care for someone, take a close look at why before building on the relationship.

Meet Their Circle

Just as they should meet your family and friends, you should meet and get to know theirs. People behave the most truthfully when they are in their natural habitat. Take the time to meet and get to know everyone and watch the interactions. This can offer a great deal of information.

Take Your Time

Time tests love better than most anything else. After the initial attraction has worn off and a few conflicts have occurred. Then ask yourself if you are okay with how things are going or if something new is more appealing. Some relationships survive, others will end.

Try to Remove Emotions

Remember that love is not all about emotion, it goes deeper. Try to look beyond emotions to see if someone is a true love. Use the other steps above to assess.

Each of these tips can increase your chances of finding true love, but nothing can create it. If you are lucky enough to find it, then handle it well to make it last. Until love finds you, focus on caring for yourself so you are ready when it does come.

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