How to Make Your Relationship Last

Being in a relationship is not easy and it takes a lot of messing up before you are able to really embrace and make your relationship work. You need to have your relationship stronger where you can enjoy the good things such as love, trust, sex and make it through the bad things.

Here are some things you can do to help make sure your relationship lasts:

Say It

Allow your partner to know what you want. You should understand that there will be times where you are bored and times where you become frustrated with each other, but you need to speak positively and make sure that you are giving out complements. Thank them when they do something kind for you or clean up the house. Always smile and use eye contact.

When you do this, you will show your partner that you love them, and you appreciate them. Using even small acts of love can make any relationship stronger.


Always touch each other. Touching releases endorphins that make people feel good. Learn to hold hands and kiss and to hug. Touch her hair or put your hand on his thigh. Do this so that you can always desire each other and not allow infidelity to seep into your relationship.

Build this bond by showing support for each other. Stick up for each other and keep each other’s secrets. Take time to spend just with you both together and make plans to talk for a half an hour or more each day. Make sure you are friends, and this will help to build the intimacy in your life.


One of the biggest things that can cause a relationship to fail is blaming. If you are sad or angry, you have to make sure that you are fixing your relationship. This can help there to stop being defensiveness and can help you to be responsible for your own actions.

If you both take responsibility when something is wrong, your relationship will be stronger. Change who you are and work on your own flaws and stop pointing out your partners flaws.


Everyone needs a break. Take time each day for yourself and do things such as yoga or go to the gym to workout. These things can give you peace of mind and to give you peace.

If you are always obsessed with things like what to wear or how to fix your makeup, calm down and just look your best for your partner and let them sparks fly.

Fair Fighting

When you are having a problem know that conflict is something that is normal. People that are couples for a long time have to learn how to solve problems kindly in order to have a deep intimacy.

You have to accept that everyone makes mistakes and that everyone has flaws and learn to stop criticizing them or confronting them when things happen. People that are happy learn to talk to each other and discuss things without trying to change each other and without anger.


Do not start arguing when your partner is sleeping or when you are out with friends. Safe this for a time when you can talk about things. Turn off the phone or the television and talk about what is upsetting you.


Listening is one of the most powerful ways that you can make sure that your relationship lasts. When you listen, there will be less blaming and less criticizing. When things become combative, don’t try to defend yourself but try to be calm and listen to what the feelings are saying.

Feelings are emotions and they need to be honored. You should try to talk without ignoring the emotions and listen to what your partner is saying.

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