More than a Friend

How can you tell if there is someone that wants more than just a friendship with you?  Some of the strongest relationships can begin at friendships and sometimes people find themselves in a friendzone where they are not able to tell their friend that they have more feelings for them than just friendship.

Here are some signs that someone might have more than a friendship for one of their friends:

Tell It

One of the most recognized signs that someone likes you more than just a friend is if they come out and say what they want.  Even though there is going to be some friendliness between friends, a friend that decides he or she wants a romantic relationship with a friend might want to communicate that they feel this way.  They want to be a different person in their friend’s life.

They Want YOU to Make the First Move

Being a friend and sharing your real feelings can be hard.  Sometimes your friend will wait around, and they will not make a move until they began to get impatient with you. Then, they will drop hints so that you might make the first move.

Friend Title

When someone feels strongly about someone, they might speak of them like they are more than a friend and they might refer to them as a close friend or in some other manner that shows that they want more than just friendship.


Someone that cares about you will be more about you and might have a hard time hiding their feelings.  Even if their feelings are stronger, they might show this by doing things that a regular friend would not do.

When someone likes you more than a friend, they will be more intimate and want to have contact with you psychically such as rubbing elbows or trying to hold their hand.  This shows a sign that someone really likes you.

Excuses for Alone Time

One of the hardest things for having intimate feelings for someone that is a friend is trying to find time to spend alone time together.  When someone sees you more as a friend, they will want one on one time with you.  This is a sign that someone wants to be more romantic and wants to have time with just you.

Eye Contact

People say that the window to the soul is through the eyes.  If you have strong emotions, chances are you are able to talk with your non-verbal feelings.  You will do this by looking at someone or by staring into their eyes for a ling time.  If you are nervous, chances are you might even shift your eyes back and forth.  These feelings can be passionate feelings and can be signs that you like someone.

Ask You Out

If a friend is always asking you out on a date, chances are they have more feelings than just friendship.  They might ask them to go to the movies or to go to a concert.  This is normal for friends but when there are intimate feelings, this can happen more often.

Past Relationships

If you want to know about someone else’s relationship or past loves, chances are you are interested in them and think about hooking up with them.  When you have these feelings, it is normal to want to know what kind of people that they like and what kind of images they have of who they want to be with.  Otherwise, there would be no reason to ask questions about their past.


Another thing that someone that secretly wants to be with you will do is to ask about your future plans.  They will be worried that you will move on with someone else and that they will miss their chance to be with you.  IF they are always asking if you are thinking of someone else or trying to meet up with someone else, chances are they are interested in you.

Someone that is always looking to what your plans are might be interested in having a romantic relationship p with you or they would like to know if you have the same plans that they have for the future.


One of the most noted signs that someone is in love with someone is when they feel jealous.  This can happen when the person wants to be with their friends over you or if they have someone that they seem to be looking at.  Jealousy can happen when your hopes and dreams of being with a friend in a romantic way is lost and someone will not get jealous unless they have a passionate emotion for that person.

Angry Feelings

A person that gets stressed easily or someone that wants to be involved with someone can struggle to be comfortable around someone that they like.  It can be hard to like someone deeply and if the individual seems to get mad at small things, it can be because they are upset and frustrated about their situation.  This can be a real sign of passion.


When a friend is a part of someone’s life, they will take time to know about important things.  They will remember things that are important to the one they like, and they will take initiative to make sure that those dates are celebrated.

Body Langue

Eye contact is one of the strongest signs to communicate emotions but there are other body languages that can be seen with someone.  A woman might toss her hair or touch their face when they are around someone, they are interested in.  Men will take up more space and will want to be close to someone they are interested in.


A friend that likes you is someone that will flirt with you.  They will have an outgoing personality, and this is natural for them, but sometimes they will not go too far because they are afraid of being rejected.  The flirting can be playful and not serious but if someone is wanting to pursue a relationship with their friend, see if they are being affectionate to you.  This is a sign they are interested in more.

Talk About You

When you are always on someone’s mind, they will always be reminded about you and will want to talk about you.  They will bring up funny things that you have done with your friends or family and they will talk about all the details of their life.  They might even talk affectionately about them.


When people want to impress someone, they will work on their appearance.  They will do things to look better and they will do what the person that they like is interested in.  Men might wear smoother shirts and ties and women will fix their hair or makeup.


Letting your friend know that you are single is a sign that you are interested in them.  There is no reason for them to know this unless you are hinting that you want them to ask you out.

Stalking You

People sometimes will do crazy things when they are interested in someone and most of the time it is intentional.  Someone that is interested in their friend might go to the places that they know they will be, and they might watch them from a distance.  Even though this is called stalking, it is probably okay since they are a close friend.

Making a Move

When a friend wants to be with another friend, they will not care about what someone thinks, and they will decide to make a move.  This is the clearest sign that you want to be more than friends with someone, and you want to take the relationship to a different level.

Act Manly or Feminine

When a man or a woman is interested in their friend, chances are they will act either manly or feminine around you.  They will do things that show who they are and will show off their personality.  Men will become strong and courageous and women will be flirty and sweet.  When a friend acts this way around another friend, this is a sign they want more.


A friend who had feelings for you will hope that you will not let them down.  They will get hurt when you forget to do something you say you will do, and they will be angry when you let them down.  They don’t forget and forgive what you do, and they will expect a lot from you because you mean so much to them.


One of the best ways to know if someone likes you is if they try to make you feel jealous.  When they do this, they will be able to see your reaction and see if you are bothered with them being with someone else or not. This is a deceptive way to show that they are interested in you.

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