Men to Date After a Divorce

Not all guys that have been recently divorced are bad guys.  These guys deserve to have relationships just as much as anyone else and sometimes women are afraid of these types of guys.

Having a divorce is not easy for anyone and it can cause people to be on the rebound.  If you want to stay away from a man that has been recently separated to spare your heart, this can be some good advice for you.

When you are a rebound girl, you will see that dating and understanding men can be fearful.  Understanding men and learning about divorced men can be hard and can sometimes be a deal-breaker for women.

When you are afraid of falling for someone and them leaving you, it can cause you to be afraid to let your heart go.  When you date, you are dealing with people that are new to you and that are strange and there are no guarantees.

Recently separated and divorced men are looking for attention and sex and there is no way that you can get both without going on a date with someone that is positive and open.  This doesn’t mean that there will be a connection or a lasting relationship because this is not something you can promise someone.

Many couples know from their first date that they will be together, and many know that divorce is a long separation and can be hard.  But people can have a healthy relationship after divorce and before you go to hang out with men and be afraid of it, here are some things you need to know.


Sometimes guys don’t want to be married because marriage is hard.  They have aspects of dating than they like but it is not worth giving up their freedom.

They enjoy being with someone, but they want to spend time with someone that won’t tie them up forever and won’t make them get married again.  Some people think bad things about these types of guys, but they want to have their freedom.

Failed Relationship

There are other guys that will not know that the divorce is coming, and they will have a hard time managing the emotions of it.  It might take them longer than others to move on and to find someone new.

His whole world ended when the divorce happened, and it means that he will be afraid of having a rebound relationship and getting hurt again.

Why would a woman not want to try to go out with this kind of guy?


You have a chance of meeting a guy that feels that he would never meet someone that he connected with again.  These guys are free of their divorce and they are looking to find someone else to be close with.  They want to meet people and be in adventures, but chances are they don’t want something serious.

Sometimes there are exceptions to this rule, but you have to make sure that you are not being clingy or worry that he isn’t giving you enough attention.

He might not be confident in himself and will come across as being rude or harsh and not committed.  These signs are telling you that he is looking for a rebound and might not stay serious with you.

There are times you have to be honest with yourself and know if you are making excuses that this is not the right relationship.  There are times when the timing is wrong and even if you have some fun adventures, it doesn’t mean it will last.

When a guy is disentangled, he:

  • Knows how to commit and will at some time.
  • Grew up in his marriage and has a hard time with his divorce.
  • Is realistic about what he wants.
  • Does not believe in happily ever after.
  • Has a good relationship with his children.

Good men will love their partner and will heal and learn to move on.  They will connect with people and even on a rebound, if they aren’t healed, they will work to show you care but not always be ready to commit.

These men are willing to put their future out there and will want to get rid of their past.

If you are willing and brave, take the step to try out one of these guys.  If not, you might be missing a chance of a lifetime to find the perfect mate.

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