Tired of Waiting on Love?

If you have ever watched someone doing something simple and a smile crept across your face, even though they were oblivious to the fact you’re were watching, then you are likely in love. This is not in a creepy, stalker way, but a genuine interest in what they are doing because you have feelings for the other person. This is true in happy relationships as you can watch your boyfriend taking notes or a girlfriend putting away clothes and just feel love or a slight heart flutter. Sometimes we spend years waiting for this feeling and we must be patient. It is easy to think we are being patient, but really we are trying to rush things.

It seems we are pushed toward a soulmate and rally what we want is someone to enjoy seeing, cuddling, and eating take out at home with, but we end up settling because we are sure we have waited too long. The truth is, we need to keep waiting because it is out there. When you get to the point you cannot wait any longer, just go one more day or one more minute. As you do this, you stop waiting and start simply being who you are in life. When this happens, the right person will come along.

This person will not be who you expect, but it will be who you need. You first need to learn to be alone before you can let someone in to be part of your life. We must know ourselves and be comfortable with who we really are before love can come in. When the time is right, someone will pursue you with all the right intentions. Loving you will be what they want to do and enjoy the most. When it happens, you may not even want someone special in your life, but still, you may find yourself going out on occasion and enjoying it.

This can lead to looking for signs because this is likely not who you expected or had resolved to be alone. The universe has supplied, but you need to keep an open mind to receive. A good partner is well worth the wait. There is no need to settle for someone simply because you have become lonely or bored. Finding a partner in that way will lead to heartbreak. Wait for the person that was made for you or it will never be fun long term.

When you find the right person, you will know because you can feel it and see it in their eyes. It is beautiful and soul making. It is the dream we all have. This can only happen when you wait and work on yourself. Remember, love is not about fancy dates, perfect clothes, and the greatest bodies, it is about a deep, heart-felt love that makes all the difference in the world. Love is much more than really liking someone. This will not come unless you are content with yourself, so relax, enjoy being single and be your best self. Love will come in time.

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