How to reduce the stress that comes with single-parenting

Single-parent homes host one of every four American youngsters in the world of today. Single parenting is not easy that’s the truth, although reasons as to why one chooses to become a single parent are different. Others are divorced, some are widowed and others are just single by choice.

There are things you can do to reduce stress in your life and have a happy parenting life if you are a solo mom or dad:

Have different hustles. Parenting alone is hard when you have to rely on your ex-spouse to support you or when you have to depend on one income only. Therefore, you need to plan your life. Invest, plan ahead, go back to school or get training on any other job you deserve, have retirement benefits. All these will increase your earning power.

Surround yourself with people who support you. Of course, everyone always needs help at some point. Single parenting can be overwhelming therefore all single parents need someone they can run to when they have problems or someone to stay with their kids while they are out working. Doing everything alone can be tempting but try engaging your family members or friends in your activities.

Have a regular routine. Let your children know what to expect every day. Meal times, bedtimes, family functions and chores should always be done at a stipulated time. By doing so you’ll be more organized and your children will feel like they are secure.

There should be consistency in discipline. Well behaved children are those who know rules and regulations and what is expected of them. You should let other caregivers know you want your children to be disciplined. You can as well work with your spouses if you are separated or divorced on how you want your children to grow. Let them know methods and consistency in discipline.

Answer questions truthfully. Your children might want to know why they don’t have a father or a mother. Be free and open with your children and answer them truthfully. In any case, they need support emotionally give them answers that will help them deal with that.

Treat kids like kids. You shouldn’t rely on your kids to give you emotional support or to sympathize with you. This is always tempting, especially due to the absence of one partner. Know that kids are not experienced either can they act like adults. If you, therefore, find yourself always depending on your children every now and then and expresses your frustrations to them you need help. Bet in touch with a counselor or seek out friends and family members and express your grievances to them.

Let the word “guilt” not be part of your vocabulary. Focus on your daily activities and responsibilities. At times you might feel guilty when you can’t provide for your children but that’s not important. Just pay attention to your child. If you feel guilty about having a divorce you can join a support group for other divorced parents.

Have time for your children. Regardless of the responsibilities you have, you need to have time for your kids too. Engage them in fun activities, especially those that you can do together like, listening to music, playing and even reading. You need to pay attention to the love between you and your relationship as a family.

Have some alone time. It’s very essential to have some alone time and just do what makes you happy. You can chat with friends or watch your favorite movie. This will enable your refuel.

Be positive. Always maintain a positive attitude regardless of what you are going through. It might be the loss of your partner or divorce. At times it might be all the exhaustion that comes with single parenting. Know that your moods affect your children, therefore, be positive always. You can always share what you’re going through with your kids as long as you let them know they are not the ones causing the problems. You can as well deal with stress by having regular exercises, eating well and having enough rest.

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