How to know you are a no-nonsense single mom

  1. You are courageous to undertake whatever comes your way.

This does not necessarily mean that you are confident every time of the day. Know that you are able to take charge of anything that comes your way and that you don’t have to be courageous each and every time.

  1. You get everything done.

You find it easy doing all the chores on your own from, paying bills on time, cleaning the house and taking out the rash.

  1. Others don’t define your value.

You are your own competitor. You strive to be better every day than you were before. What others think of you doesn’t worry your value is not determined by their thoughts. You are the only one who defines who you are, others don’t.

  1. You have your own rules that you live with.

You prioritize only the things that are very important to you and do away with irrelevant things. My house my rules. Others can keep their opinions to themselves. They shouldn’t tell me how to raise my kids as long as I know I’m doing a good job.

  1. You take care of yourself unapologetically.

Know that if you can’t take care of yourself then you’ll be unable to take care of your kids. Never ever apologize for taking care of yourself. Have some me time and do whatever makes you happy even if it’s going to the gym or watching Netflix.

  1. You are okay handling your tasks on your own.

You are comfortable to take care of your responsibilities on your own without any adult being involved. These involve; visiting the hospital and errands with the kids especially on Saturdays. You know that nothing is easy and prefer doing it on your own.

  1. You cannot change your mind.

They mean what they say, especially when meeting with a lawyer or involved in a mediation with the ex. Your stand is always final and you are authoritative.

  1. You have become stronger than before your divorce.

You have encountered a lot of pain and disappointments that have made you stronger than before.  You are grateful and appreciates those disappointments since they have taught you a number of things.

  1. You appreciate all your achievements.

It doesn’t matter how small or big you’ve accomplished tasks, you appreciate all of them and do not shy away from them. You are okay with other individuals knowing that your hard work is indeed paying off.

  1. You are true to your talk.

Regardless of what you are going through, you always show your face. When someone asks how you are doing just tell them the truth. Do not hide your pain, allow yourself to experience it.

  1. Do not see yourself as the victim.

Do not see yourself as a victim regardless of how bad your divorce story is. If the divorce involved infidelity, then you didn’t deserve that. Just move on stronger and know that heartbreaks at times happens for you and not to you.

  1. You want to be treated just like you deserve to be treated.

These include doing away with your losses early on oncoming relationships. After experiencing that you’ll now be able to know if someone deserves you or not. Your next relationship is likely to be bright if you insist on that love that you deserve.

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