Reasons why individuals fall out of love

It’s a miraculous and a wonderful to fall in love with someone. When in love, you want to spend each and every moment with this individual and can’t seem to get your mind off him or her. You feel really happy. However, there are other times that individuals fall out of love regardless of the feelings and love they had for the other person.

It’s quite common to fall out of love because there are many reasons why your love for someone can diminish:

  1. You frequently fight with each other

This is one of the main reason individuals fall out of love. They can’t seem to understand each other regardless of how big or small the issues are. And when you realize that you can’t understand each other, feelings start to change. Even though you might care about him or her, loving this individual becomes hard when you can’t see eye to eye.

  1. You’re affectionate towards somebody else

This is another reason why individuals fall out of love. If you discover that you often think about somebody else who isn’t your partner and have strong feelings for him or her, it can be challenging to sustain love for your partner. It’s only by falling out of love that you will be able to strongly feel the connection with that other person. That’s why it can be hard to pay attention to your partner constantly if you’re focusing your love feelings elsewhere.

  1. Your relationship has been tested

Individuals tend to fall out of love when they are faced with difficulties and hardships that have made their relationship hard. For example, if you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or a job the experiences can shake your relationship. Couples usually end up falling out of love because one partner is not always there to support the other. Financial constraints will now be the order of the day and you’ll find out that the two can’t be together anymore.

  1. The feeling of not being appreciated

When one doesn’t feel respect, valued and appreciated in a relationship they tend to fall out of love. For example, if you feel like your partner no longer compliments you, it won’t be easy to feel the love. And if you feel like someone is taking you for granted your feelings usually depreciate. Their words and actions can make you lose feelings for them and the love eventually fades away.

  1. Your partner betrayed you

Betrayal of trust. This is another important reason why individuals fall out of love. When the trust is gone, love automatically fades away. It doesn’t matter if your partner was cheating or had an emotional affair. Loving someone after infidelity is hard as you will always question his or her true feelings. You will feel like it’s not easy confiding in this individual and count on him. You will always feel insecure.

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