Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Life Partner

Choosing someone to be with for life can be hard. People that are married seem to be happier than single people but people that are single are happier than those that are divorced. You will know that if you have a failed marriage that you are not going to be happy but that people that are in good marriages have to work hard to keep things good.

Someone that is single and is not happy in life should figure out what they can do to find a good relationship. People that find a good relationship will often experience pain because they can go through a hard breakup, but they will recover and then find something and someone better to be with.

Being in a happy relationship or even being in an unhappy marriage is all being with your life partner. When you think about how important it is to find a life partner, you might realize how scary it is. It is something that is intense and that you need to really think about.

Being in a relationship is something that you are in control of, and it is a decision that you need to look at and consider what you really want. This is a really big deal.

Think about how long you will live. This will be how long you spend with someone that is your life partner. Some people will get divorced but people that are looking for a future partner will need to take into consideration that they will be in their marriage forever.

When you choose a life partner, you choose someone that will parent your children, someone that will eat the meals that you make and someone that will be there when you go on vacation. This will be someone that you spend your money with, and you retire with.

This is something that you want to get right in your life. Something that will leave you feeling happy or miserable.

What You Want

People often have a hard time finding a perfect partner because they don’t know what they want in a relationship.

Choosing the right partner can be hard because you normally don’t get good at something right away. People often have many different relationships before they pick someone to be their forever person. Being a single person can be hard and they need to know what they want in their relationship.

Society and Advice

Society has given you a lot of advice and a lot of it is garbage. Just like if you are opening your own business and need a business plan or you are planning out your college degree, you need to have logic and you need to make a plan.

If you go to school and you want to be in the health field, but you take classes for mechanics, this is not going to help you. You have to learn to look for what you want in order to achieve it.

When it comes to dating someone, society wants you to not think about things so much but to follow your gut. If you do this, chances are you will not succeed because you don’t even know what you want.

Expanding Partner Searches

Another thing that society tells you is that your dating choices should be more open. The more opportunities that you have the better chance you will have of finding the right partner.

You can pick from a pool of people with many options, and you can find out who you are attracted and drawn to. Society thinks that a life partner should include a lot of dating and a lot of different people.

But one thing that society doesn’t agree with is that people shouldn’t be shy to say that they met someone on a dating site. Some people will say that they met their partner by luck or that they randomly found them. This story will change over time and not be as exciting, but society says that finding someone on a dating site is very acceptable.

Rushing Into it

Another thing society does is tells you to hurry up and meet someone and don’t wait. They encourage you to date young even if it is the wrong person and they believe that you should be married no later than 35. This gives you time to have children and to make a family.


Our biology tells us that we should have a connection with our partner for at least 50 years or more. That we need to commit for the long term. It is hard for our brain to process that we would be with someone for a long time and that we need to stay with the same person for life even when things are not easy.

Biological Clock

Women who want to have children often have to limit their time to wait. They have to find the right partner earlier so that they can have children, or they can adopt. Finding the right partner is important if you are having children.

When you look at people that don’t know what they want in a relationship you realize that they are underthinking what they want and being in too much of a hurry.

Being in a hurry and not thinking through your relationship can cause there to be a messed-up situation. It can cause you to be a victim and to be in unhappy relationships.

Stop thinking that love is enough and learn to meet someone that has the same values that you have. Find someone that will be there for you no matter what and make sure you are in love with them.

Find a soulmate that has the same beliefs as you and one that will want to stay married for life.


One of the hardest ways of finding love is when you be afraid. You are afraid of finding someone that will not meet your needs or someone that will leave you. Do not be afraid of being an older parent or being talked about for your partner.

The only fear that you should have is living your life unhappily with the wrong person. You need to let go of other fear.

Do not let other people make a decision for who you want to be with. What you want will be different than what other people want. Find someone that you want to be with that will treat you right.

When you break up with someone that you love, you will see that it doesn’t matter about the other things. Do not let disapproval hold you back or cause you to miss out on what you expect.

Everyone in life will find that their relationships are good from the inside but listen to your feelings and listen to what other people see before you get too tied up in something.

Being Shallow

Do not be shallow when it comes to finding a life partner. Let their personality be what you need. Do not worry about money or looks or talents.

Be with someone that has priorities and makes you a part of them. Let their life be your life and have fun with them. Find someone that will choose you over other things.


Being selfish in love means that you are not willing to compromise or to make sacrifices for your partner. You will want to be with someone, but you just want their company.

This person will end up with someone that has self-esteem issues and is a pushover. They will do what they can to make the relationship work.

Being self-absorbed can cause the relationship to be uninteresting and can cause you to not be able to have open communication with your partner. This will end up with him leaving you because he will be bored with you and your life.

Everyone has needs and they need someone that will meet their needs. There are perks of being with someone that loves you but when your needs aren’t being met, you will not be happy.

Being in a happy relationship is important and you need to be motivated in making sure that you and your partner are both happy with the relationship so that you can have peace and love in your life.

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