Learning About Hard Relationships Truths the Hard Way

Some people know what they want in life from a very young age while others it takes longer to know what you want in your life, career and in love. If you are someone that wanted to be in a relationship that was like the movies, you will know that life does not always happen that way.

Life can be hard, and it can be upsetting sometimes. When you see romance and you have the idea about committing to love, chances are that you will look to find someone that you can have a meaningful relationship with.

You might be one that is always looking for that perfect love and find that you went through different kinds of relationships looking for the one. You might even be someone that decided to get married young only to be divorced shortly after.

Love can be a life changing thing that is amazing, but it also comes with challenges and things that you have to learn about your partner but even more about yourself. Life is never going to be super easy and like the movies and you have to work hard to make any relationship work.

Love and Ideas

Many people will accept others for who they are. You might even feel that you are falling in love with someone, but you aren’t really seeing the real them. Sometimes you have to understand that you are not falling in love with someone, but who they are or what they are doing.

Falling in love can be a process that you have to work hard to complete. Even though you might have great experiences, this doesn’t mean that you are falling in love with the person.

Selfish Relationships

Some people want to be in love because they are looking for a soulmate. They want to have someone that will make them happy and will help them not to be stressed. They want someone to care for them and to love them. This is something that especially happens when you have grown up in a hard or loveless home.

Every person in the world wants to be appreciated and loved. They want to be in relationships that will cause their life to be better and to bring happiness.

Hurting Each Other

You will hurt your partner and they will hurt you. If you are someone that doesn’t get over hurt easily, you might spend a lot of your time offended or hurt.

There are people out there that are honest and love you and would not want to hurt you, but no one is perfect, and pain happens. When you are with someone, they will mess up and they will say things they shouldn’t have said or get angry, you will too.

When you love someone, you have to forgive them when they mess up and learn how to make amends and be accountable for your own mistakes as well.

Opened and Closed Heart

Sometimes your heart will be open to your partner. You will have times where things seem easy and where you are happy and have no stress. There will be times where nothing is wrong in the world.

There will be other times where the feelings are not so good. There can be times when the days are off, and they are hard, and you feel that you are angry at the world and at your partner. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other, it just means that life is hard that day.

Love and Fear

Most people don’t like to be afraid of things and fear can come in different forms. You have to learn to understand that when you are in a relationship that you will have some kind of deep love but also a deep fear. Anytime you take a risk there is fear and that fear will help to make you stronger.

Loving someone means that you are vulnerable to them, and you risk being hurt. It can mean that you will risk the fact that you may breakup or that one of you might die during the relationship. Even though there is fear, you have to learn to let love come stronger. You will experience things such as anger and restlessness but even if they don’t go away, love is worth it.

Having fear in a relationship is not a bad thing because if you wait around for it long enough, you will work through the hard parts.

Love and Success

Love is not enough to make your relationship successful. Even if you see in the movie that love never fails, that is not real life. Love does not beat everything and sometimes you can love someone more than anything in the world, but you cannot work past their problems such as addiction, abuse, trauma, and other things. Sometimes you will be with someone that has a heart that grows cold.

Love is important in any relationship, but it is not all you need. You have to learn to have trust and communication and other things that will help you when times are hard. Love may always be there, but it is not always easy to see when things are hard.


We all know that we will die someday but we don’t know how, and we don’t know when and the same goes with your partner.

You have to face the idea that you and your partner will die and that you don’t know when this will happen or how. Your partner could get really sick, or they could die in a car accident.

This can leave you feeling angry or upset but the truth is that you cannot prepare for the death of your partner. You need to make sure that you work hard to make the relationship what you want it to be now. Do not wait for it to be what you want or need.

Your relationship will be the best when you give it all that you have. When you are young, you might think that love is easy but as you learn and grow, you will see that love is not easy, but it is worth it.

When you find the right relationship and you love each other, you will be more understanding. You will face challenges, but you will grow and work through them.

Love will never be perfect, and you need to have realistic expectations before you even get into a relationship. Learn to understand the truth about life and that things can be hard sometimes. Remember that the harder you work, the better and more valuable your relationship will be.

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