Learn to Let Him Go

Do you love your partner with all that’s inside of you, but you find that your relationship is not going the way that you had hoped it to go? Chances are that you might need to let your partner go and keep going in your life without them.

There are some things in life that are not easy to make work out and some relationships are that way. Getting rid of a relationship or your partner can be one of the hardest things you have to do in your life. Breaking up with someone that you love is hard and you will feel afraid that you are leaving someone that might be good for you. Chances are, you will doubt your decision after your breakup.

Love is not enough to make a relationship work.

Here are some reasons why you need to move on without the relationship and find someone new:

Life Plans

Relationships can work out even if you have different goals but if you want to marry and have children and your partner wants to travel and never have children, you might need to reconsider your relationship.

Plans happen in life and it is important that you are able to be on the same page and you are able to go the same directions.

Goals and Ambitions

Maybe you find that you are very ambitious, and your partner seems to have no goals. This can make you question if they will change as they get older but as time goes on, you will most likely lose whatever respect you had for them at the beginning and your relationship will fall apart.


If you are not attracted to the person that you love, sexually or physically, chances are you might need to end the relationship. If you love your partner, but you find that you are not attracted to them, then this will end up being a problem.

Sex is important in all relationships and if you find you do not want to have sex with your partner, there is no saving it.


Everyone has a past but if there is so much baggage from your partners past that they cannot move on, you might have to consider moving on yourself. This is something you will want to see get better, but the truth is, when there is deep baggage in past relationships, this will ruin your relationship.

You have to either find ways to deal with this or you might have to move on if you want to keep your sanity.


When someone has been hurt over and over, chances are they have a hard time being in a relationship. Too much pain will cause the relationship to never work out and you need to find someone that is better for you.

Outgrew Them

Feeling like you have outgrown someone can leave you feeling sad and upset about your relationship. People are always changing and when they are in a relationship and found they have outgrown each other; this can cause problems.

Couples have to grow together and not on their own if the relationship is going to make it.

Needing More

Being in a long-term relationship means that you are probably thinking ahead to the future and you are wanting to make plans. If your partner is afraid or is not willing to move on, you might need to break up.

When you want to know your partner more and spend your life with them, you want them to feel the same way. You cannot decide this alone and if they are not wanting to move forward, you have to decide if you want to move forward or if you want to move on.

Bad Past

If you have been with your partner for a long time, chances area you have been through a lot together. Maybe your partner has lied to you or lost your trust that you had for them. No matter how much you want to save this relationship, you cannot get rid of hurt that has happened.

Being with your partner should be loving and kind and if you feel that it is a struggle, that is a sign that you might need to find a new relationship.

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