Forgiving Someone Who Won’t Say Sorry

Forgiveness is something that can cause you to have pain and deep feelings of hurt. This hurt could come from a relative or friend that abandoned you in your time of need.  There is no thing that is better than forgiving someone that has hurt you.


Even if you don’t know it, when you hold on to past hurt, you will be hurt all the time.  If you learn to forgive, you will free up your soul and you will feel better.

Focus on Yourself

When you are upset with someone, they have power over you.  Instead of thinking about how they hurt you, think about what you are feeling.  Are you angry or sad?  Let it out and then let it go.


Change the way that you look at things and you can see the world differently.  You need to learn to immediately forgive people and recognize what is going on in yourself.  Stop being a victim and stop judging and blaming people.  When you understand how you feel, you will realize you are doing yourself a good.

Your Part

Life is part of being up and down and taking accountability for what you have done.  Don’t write people off for what they have said to you or what they have done to hurt you.  If you are upset, figure out why and see what you can change to make a step towards forgiveness.


Stop feeling like a victim and stop looking for a reason to be offended or hurt.  Look for a reason to be happy and don’t let people hurt you.

When you lose the power of controlling your feelings, you are asking to be hurt.


Try to love and be thankful all the time.  Don’t let the enemy take over your feelings.  Let it be a teaching lesson.  If someone doesn’t respect you, take it as a learning point.  Tolerate people and learn to be patient and kind.

Would you rather forgive or be happy?  If you don’t forgive, then you will never be happy or feel good.  When you don’t forgive it takes your energy away.  No one goes through life without having some type of suffering. Don’t let your suffering control you.  Have peace.

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